SIGNED – Gray Cover -123 Polaroids by Lin Zhipeng aka No.223

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10 SIGNED COPIES – 123 Polaroids by Lin Zhipeng aka No.223 Production, Curation, Book Spread and Covers by in)(between gallery Hard cover – 2 different front covers (Pink and Gray) 120 Pages, W13 x h20 cm First edition June 2021 SUPERLABO * in)(between

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10 SIGNED COPIES – 123 Polaroids is a collaboration between Lin Zhipeng aka. No. 223, in)(between gallery Paris/Singapore and SUPERLABO Tokyo

123 Polaroids is not simply a selection of 123 images from 223’s extensive and fabulous collection of Polaroid work. 123 Polaroids conveys the intent and breadth of a poet, uniquely giving voice to the intercourse of 223’s intimate souvenirs, ignited sensations and 123 Polaroids. @Luigi Clavareau – in)(between gallery

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